Chapter 117: Advice
Chap 117
Kanji 忠告
Rōmaji Chūkoku
English Advice
Other Information
Volume Volume 13
Release Date September 15, 2006
Episode Episode 51: Yoshimori and Kaguro
Cover Characters Kaguro; Yoshimori Sumimura

Advice ( 忠告, Chūkoku) is the 117th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Kaguro abruptly decides to stop the battle. He wants to fight again once Yoshimori has gotten stronger and completed his Zekkai. Yoshimori thinks that this is a waste of time. Kaguro believes that an impulsive, powerful person like Yoshimori should also feel like an outsider, but Yoshimori says he's never felt that way. Kaguro says that if Yoshimori loses something important to him, he will become stronger, and invites him to become comrades. Yoshimori claims that Kaguro is contradicting himself: if it was okay to be alone, he wouldn't be seeking a comrade. Yoshimori insists that he and Gen Shishio could never join someone like Kaguro, who is weak, so he has no right to call Gen weak. Suddenly, their portion of the castle collapses, and Yoshimori is pulled away by Sen Kagemiya.

Sen is annoyed because he assumed Yoshimori had a plan of attack, but he clearly doesn't. He points out that though Yoshimori's Zekkai broke Kaguro's swords earlier, this is no longer the case. Worse, Yoshimori's comments have only angered Kaguro, so his attack will be even stronger next time. Sen also adds that Yoshimori's Zekkai is incomplete, and he ultimately has no chance at winning. Kaguro calls Yoshimori out to fight. Sen pleads with Yoshimori to escape with him. Yoshimori thanks Sen and returns to the fight, surrounding himself with his Zekkai. Kaguro charges, and Sen dives in front of Yoshimori.

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