Chapter 116: Difference
Chap 116
Kanji ズレ
Rōmaji Zure
English Difference
Other Information
Volume 13
Release Date September 15, 2006
Episode Episode 51:Yoshimori and Kaguro

Difference (ズレ, Zure) is the 116th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Both Yoshimori and Kaguro are excited by Yoshimori's new technique. Kaguro says that the aura is not yet complete, having seen it in the past. According to him, the technique is called Zekkai, and is the result of feelings of hate and grief, combined with rejection. Kaguro begins a frenzied attack, breaking several swords in the process, but eventually wounding and driving Yoshimori back, causing the aura to fade. Kaguro adds that a true Zekkai would not fade, but instead destroy anything that came in contact with it. He suggests that Yoshimori is too inexperienced and distracted, and couldn't understand Gen Shishio's feelings because Gen was so much like Kaguro. This angers Yoshimori, who reactivates his aura. Kaguro tries to convince Yoshimori that they are both outsiders in the world, and reveals that he was human once. In his former life, he considered himself nothing, and gave up on the world that would not accept him. Kaguro says that Gen was too weak to leave the world behind, and invites Yoshimori to do the same. Yoshimori refuses, so Kaguro says he will show no mercy, and creates a more powerful sword. With the next attack, Yoshimori is knocked into a nearby section of the castle, and is wounded even through his aura.

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