Chapter 112: Flower Ayakashi
Chap 112
Kanji 妖花
Rōmaji Yō Hana
English Flower Ayakashi
Other Information
Volume Volume 12
Release Date May 18, 2006
Episode Episode 49:The Flower of Sorrow
Cover Characters Kaguro; Aihi

Flower Ayakashi (妖花, Yō Hana) is the 112th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Kaguro says Aihi has feelings for the humans she once thought of only as food, and really wants to become human, so she can be the same as the man she loves. Aihi attacks him, denying this and saying she only wants to leave the castle. Kaguro is convinced that because Aihi has stopped eating humans, she has become weak and will lose the battle.

Sen Kagemiya tells Yoshimori that he has found Kaguro's demonic aura.

Aihi realizes that the vines cut by Kaguro are unable to regenerate. Kaguro guesses that the human skin disguise is based on the appearance of the man Aihi loved. Aihi sprays Kaguro with a pollen that causes illusions.

In a flashback, Aihi meets a man who is frightened by her plant form, but drawn to her human form. She allows him to leave because she has already eaten, but he surprises her by asking if he can see her again. He soon makes a habit of visiting her, despite her warnings to stay away. He tells her that he has nothing better to do, since he is sickly and his family won't let him work.

Aihi tries to trap Kaguro in a ball of vines, but he easily slashes his way free.

Yoshimori is about to leave and confront Kaguro, but Sen tells him that Kaguro is too dangerous.

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