Chapter 111: Aihi
Chap 111
Kanji 藍緋
Rōmaji Aihi
English Aihi
Other Information
Volume Volume 12
Release Date May 18, 2006
Episode Episode 49:The Flower of Sorrow
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Sen Kagemiya

Aihi (藍緋, Aihi) is the 111th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yoshimori is confused by Sen Kagemiya's offer to find Kaguro, since Sen has never seen Kaguro. After confirming that Kaguro is the same demon that killed Gen Shishio, Sen says he can sense strong demons. Yoshimori is amazed by this, and wonders if all Ayakashi Majiri can do this. Sen says it depends on the person, but his senses are especially sharp. Through a demonic aura, he can roughly evaluate an enemy's strengths and weaknesses, abilities and thoughts. He can even sense people's thoughts from time to time. Sen warns that while searching, he will be defenseless, and asks Yoshimori to protect him for the duration. Sen's aura intensifies as he searches the castle. He is able to locate Shion, Hekian, Princess, and even Kagami, before asking Yoshimori for Kaguro's characteristics. Yoshimori begins to describe him, but then realizes it will do no good: Kaguro is wearing a human skin disguise, which conceals his demonic aura. Sen is greatly frustrated because he wanted to finally be of some use.

In her lab, Aihi expels one of Byaku's worms from her body. Realizing something has happened to Byaku, she plans to escape, but Kaguro blocks her path. Kaguro says humans are causing trouble in the castle, and that it would be perfect if Aihi were still trapped here when the castle disappeared. Aihi tries to force her way past, calling her subordinates for help. Kaguro reveals that he's already killed them all. He blames Aihi's interest in humans on her having fallen in love with one. Aihi insists that humans are only food to her, and transforms into a giant, humanoid plant, which Sen immediately detects.

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