Chapter 110: Advance Payment
Chap 110
Kanji 前払い
Rōmaji Maebarai
English Advance Payment
Other Information
Volume Volume 12
Release Date May 18, 2006
Episode Episode 47:Byaku and Matsudo
Cover Characters Byaku; Heisuke Matsudo; Kagami (demon)

Advance Payment (前払い, Maebarai) is the 110th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Heisuke Matsudo suddenly finds his body unable to move. Byaku explains that he command bugs, and control his opponents through them. By splashing an enemy with the bugs' secretions, and then coaxing the enemy into accepting a challenge, Byaku gains control of their body. Knowing Kagami should be sensitive to curses of this nature, Matsudo accuses Kagami of allowing it to happen in the hopes of obtaining Matsudo's soul sooner. With Byaku's attack imminent, Matsudo desperately offers Kagami his right hand as advance payment. Kagami instantly attacks, impaling the bugs and Byaku himself through the chest. Both men collapse. Kagami frees Matsudo from Byaku's worms, explaining that time was need to find and Byaku's core, which was the target of the attack. She adds that without it to control them, the bugs should turn on Byaku and devour him. Matsudo seems surprised by her loyalty, and Kagami reminds him that they are bound until his death. Kagami also reveals that despite many modifications, Byaku's body is still essentially human. Matsudo recalls Risa Kagami asking him to look after Byaku if he lost his way. Matsudo admits he knew there was no point in trying to resurrect Risa, and that he only dug up the graves to confirm Byaku's death. Saddened by the fact that Risa would never love him, Matsudo asks Byaku if he ever loved Risa. Byaku says he never loved anyone, and Matsudo drives his cane through Byaku's cybernetic eye and leaves him to die. Matsudo collapses into Kagami's arms, exhausted, saddened that he was unable to keep his promise to Risa. Kagami assures him that souls that have gone through trials have a brilliant glow, and says she'll take his right hand another day.

Yoshimori tells Sen Kagemiya to leave and go home. Sen refuses, both because he is stubborn, and because he has no idea how to get home. Sen finally offers to find Kaguro for Yoshimori.

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