Chapter 109: Hollow Man
Chap 109
Kanji 空っぽの男
Rōmaji Karappo no Otoko
English Hollow Man
Other Information
Volume Volume 12
Release Date May 18, 2006
Episode Episode 47:Byaku and Matsudo
Cover Characters Byaku; Heisuke Matsudo; Risa Kagami

Hollow Man (空っぽの男, Karappo no Otoko) is the 109th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Byaku says that as a child, he had no dreams of what he wanted in life. Heisuke Matsudo says Byaku doesn't want anything, and is trying to change himself in hopes of understanding this, but this will fail because Byaku is empty inside. Byaku commands his bug Ayakashi to renew their attack, but Kagami again pushes them back. Matsudo wonders how Byaku's wife could have fallen in love with him. Byaku says his wife was evil: she used her beauty to coax him into doing things, and convinced him to experiment on her so she could stay young and beautiful. Matsudo denies this, revealing that Risa worried she only had her beauty to offer, and wanted to preserve it for her husband's sake. Byaku reveals the extent of his cybernetic enhancements, causing Matsudo to say he is no longer human. Byaku's bugs eat through the floor, dropping Matsudo and Kagami into a pit filled with bugs, intending for the pair to be devoured. Kagami swallows all of the bugs, and they climb back up to find Byaku missing, though Kagami still detects his scent. Byaku's worms burst from the floor, spraying Matsudo with their fluids. Byaku challenges him to battle, and Matsudo accepts. Suddenly, black holes begin to open up on Matsudo's body where the worm fluids touched him.

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