Chapter 108: Byaku and Matsudo
Chap 108
Kanji 白と松戸
Rōmaji Byaku to Matsudo
English Byaku and Matsudo
Other Information
Volume Volume 12
Release Date May 18, 2006
Episode Episode 47:Byaku and Matsudo
Cover Characters Byaku; Heisuke Matsudo; Kagami (demon)

Byaku and Matsudo (白と松戸, Byaku to Matsudo) is the 108th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Byaku flees through the castle, with Kagami and Heisuke Matsudo following close behind. Byaku finally stops running in a spacious room, where Matsudo comments on the changes in his appearance from when they last saw each other. After Kagami returns to the form of a woman, Byako says that Matsudo shouldn't be using the form of someone else's wife. Matsudo admits that he tried to revive her, but accidentally summoned Kagami, then a winged demon, instead.

Yoshimori and Sen Kagemiya are unable to avoid the huge swarm of bug Ayakashi rushing toward them, so Yoshimori creates a Kekkai for protection them. However, the Ayakashi are only interested in escaping and rush past them, but Sen is still extremely afraid of them. Yoshimori compares him to a girl, which greatly annoys Sen. He asks why Yoshimori saved him, and Yoshimori claims it's the normal thing to do. Sen insists that it isn't, recalling how Gen Shishio used to save him without being asked. Sen says he is different from them, but Yoshimori says he was unable to help Gen in the end, and is tired of being that way.

Bug Ayakshi begin to gradually fill the room, and Byaku warns Matsudo that they are standing in a nest of his minions and that he should leave while he can. Matsudo insists on making Byaku pay for his crimes, and Byaku says that Risa's death was an accident. Matsudo asks how he got his current body, and Byaku orders his bugs to attack. Kagami moves Matsudo to safety and then attacks the bugs. Their persistence annoys Kagami, who momentarily reverts to its true manner of speech. Matsudo reminds it that their contract requires it to use proper speech. Matsudo accuses Byaku of using his own wife in his experiments, and demands to know what he was trying to do. Byaku says that Matsudo knows nothing.

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