Chapter 107: Rescue
Chap 107
Kanji 救出
Rōmaji Shūshutsu
English Rescue
Other Information
Volume Volume 12
Release Date May 18, 2006
Episode Episode 46:Through the Maze
Cover Characters --

Rescue (救出, Shūshutsu) is the 107th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yoshimori Sumimura encounters Princess in Kokuboro's castle. Though she fears he will attack, instead he frees her from her restraints, mistaking her for a prisoner. Princess binds Yoshimori with her tails and looks into his mind. After discovering his intent to destroy the castle, she considers killing him, but decides it might be better if the castle is destroyed and releases him. This leaves Yoshimori dazed, and Princess sends him away. Yoshimori later realizes she was an Ayakashi, but as he felt no such aura from her, thinks instead that she seemed like a princess.

In the dungeon, Sen Kagemiya begins to realize that he may die there. In a flashback, he recalls Gen Shishio returning from a mission heavily wounded. Though Sen offered to get a medic, Gen refused and said he only needed rest. Sen asked if Gen was afraid to die, and Gen said no, he was only concerned about completing the mission, since it's the only thing he could do. He asked Sen not to tell anyone that he got hurt. Sen realizes that Gen wasn't afraid to die, and decides he should have a strong resolve as well. Sen renews his struggle to break free from Shion's webbing. Just then, a Kekkai slams through the wall, and Yoshimori appears. He quickly frees Sen, who notes Yoshimori is wounded and asks why Yoshimori came to save him. Yoshimori says they're escaping.

Byaku finds Princess's broken restraints, just as Kagami and Heisuke Matsudo find him.

As Sen follows Yoshimori into a corridor, he is shocked by the number of defeated Ayakashi lying there. Yoshimori says there are odd things in the nearby rooms, but can't recall who told him this. Suddenly, a great number of Ayakashi race down the corridor, heading straight for them.

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