Chapter 104: Kokuboro's Hostage
Chap 104
Kanji 黒芒の俘虜
Rōmaji Kokubōrō no Furyo
English Kokuboro's Hostage
Other Information
Volume Volume 11
Release Date February 17, 2006
Episode Episode 44:The Battle of Karasumori
Cover Characters --

Kokuboro's Hostage (黒芒の俘虜, Kokubōrō no Furyo) is the 104th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Within Kokuboro's castle, Yoshimori is Shion's prisoner, restrained by her webbing. However, because of the dark aura he releases, he is able to resist being controlled by her spiders, and Shion has to occasionally reapply webbing to hold him. She complains about this to Hekian. Hekian is convinced that Yoshimori should be able to help repair their castle, and points out that Yoshimori's resistance is proof of his power. However, Hekian questions how Shion was able to capture him if she has so much trouble holding him. Shion admits that Yoshimori actually agreed to come with her.

In a flashback, Yoshimori and Madarao are surrounded by Spider Goons as they confront Shion (who is wearing the same human skin disguise as Kaguro used when he met Yoshimori). Yoshimori demands to be taken to the castle (which is Shion's mission, anyway) so he can meet Kaguro again. Byaku meetz Yoshimori, who loses interest upon learning he is not the boss and demands again to see Kaguro. Annoyed with his attitude, Byaku brings in Sen Kagemiya, who Shion also captured. Byaku threatens to kill him unless Yoshimori submits to his control. However, when Byaku attempts to implant one his worms in Yoshimori's head, Yoshimori releases a powerful light aura that destroys the worm and some of his bindings. Shion quickly restrains him, but Hekian warns Byaku that Yoshimori could further damage the castle if this continues. Byaku orders Shion to continue weakening Yoshimori and has Sen taken to the dungeon. He also leaves orders for Aihi to design a method of using drawing out Yoshimori's power safely.

Madarao returns to the Sumimura Home to report what happened to Yoshimori. Shigemori Sumimura is predictably furious that Yoshimori allowed himself to be taken. Masamori Sumimura immediately orders Miki Hatori to prepare a rescue team.

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