Chapter 102: Resurgence
Chap 102
Kanji 再来
Rōmaji Sairai
English Resurgence
Other Information
Volume Volume 11
Release Date February 17, 2006
Episode Episode 43:Resurgence
Cover Characters --

Resurgence (再来, Sairai) is the 102nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


At Karasumori, Tokine finds it odd to have so many allies present, and notices Yoshimori has something on his mind. Masamori gets a phone call alerting him to Kokuboro's approach. Masamori prepares his troops and tells them not to hold back. Masamori tells Yoshimori not to do anything rash and warns him not to get killed. Masamori suspects that Kokuboro's reason for attacking a well-defended location is because they are desperate to restore their weakened leader. Masamori considers using Tokiko Yukimura's gateway to Kurosusuki in his plans: he intends to crush the invasion force, and then invade Kokuboro's castle to completely end the threat they pose.

Atora Hanashima gives instructions for the battle to her demons Raizo, Yaichi, and Tsukinojou, telling them to do whatever they like. She intends to make Kokuboro pay for killing Gen Shishio.

Hakota spots Kokuboro's forces approacing and alerts everyone else. Toshimori spots a huge black cloud approaching Karasumori Academy.

Odo creates a huge fireball, and Todoroki knocks it into the black cloud with his kanabo, destroying many demons in the process. Masamori commands his troops not to let the enemy set foot on the land.

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