Chapter 100: The Members of the Night Troop
Chap 100
Kanji 夜行の面々
Rōmaji Yakō no Menmen
English The Members of the Night Troop
Other Information
Volume Volume 11
Release Date February 17, 2006
Episode Episode 37:Night Troops Arrive
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

The Members of the Night Troop (夜行の面々, Yakō no Menmen) is the 100th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori returns home from school to find the dining room full of mostly male Night Troop members. Yoshimori is uncomfortable with so many people, all of them ability users, in his home.

At the Yukimura Home, most of the Night Troop's females are helping to clean the house. Miki Hatori insists it is the least they can do as guests. Tokine asks where Atora Hanashima is, and Hatori tells her that Atora is staying in Gen Shishio's old apartment.

Toshimori moves into Yoshimori's room so that some of the kids can sleep in Toshimori's room. Yoshimori apologizes in advance if he happens to wake Toshimori while leaving for Kekkaishi duties at night. Toshimori says it's no problem: since he can't help in other ways, the least he can do it put up with it.

Yoshimori decides to train in the backyard, but finds Night Troop members already training there. Similarly, the dojo is also full, so Yoshimori decides to run to the Priest's temple for traning. Along the way, he admits that he thought he might need help protecting Karasumori one day, but still does not like the current situation. Sensing he is being followed, Yoshimori takes to the rooftops and spins around, confronting three male teenagers.

Tokiko Yukimura begins the process of opening a dimensional gateway to Kurosusuki in the side of a mountain.

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