Chapter 098: A Passage to Kokuboro
Chap 98
Kanji 黒芒への道
Rōmaji Kokubōrō e no Michi
English A Passage to Kokuboro
Other Information
Volume Volume 11
Release Date February 17, 2006
Episode Episode 40:A Passage to Kokuboro
Cover Characters Tokiko Yukimura; Shikigami

A Passage to Kokuboro (黒芒への道, Kokubōrō e no Michi) is the 98th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


While helping set out dinner at the Yukimura Home, Tokiko Yukimura's Shikigami clone suddenly rushes to the door, sensing the return of her creator. Tokiko says she's completed her observation, but that she'll be leaving again soon. Tokine tells her everything that happened in her absence.

At Karasumori, Tokine informs Yoshimori of her grandmother's return. Tokiko intends to create a path to Kokuboro's castle in Kurosusuki. Tokine is worried about how dangerous it is, but this gives Yoshimori an idea.

As Tokiko leaves home, Yoshimori secretly follows her, though she detects him right away. He begs her to take him to Kurosusuki, but Tokiko refuses. Yoshimori continues following her as she leaps across rooftops, finally attempting to catch her with a large Kekkai. Tokiko effortlessly dispels it with Sekkai, then traps him with a Kekkai around his foot. Yoshimori eventually escapes. Tokiko gets into a taxi in an attempt to lose Yoshimori, but he attaches a Nenshi to the back of the taxi and uses his skateboard to follow. This works until he hits a bump in the road and nearly falls into a river. Tokiko catches him at the last moment with a Kekkai, but drops him into the river anyway and tells him to go home. Yoshimori begs her again to take him to Kurosusuki. Tokiko tells him that as a Legitimate Successor, his duty is to protect Karasumori. Yoshimori says he will eventually seal Karasumori so that no one will be hurt, but for now he wishes to avenge Gen Shishio. Tokiko says that he cannot go as he is, because he has not truly learned how to use his power yet, and leaves him at the river.

At home, Yoshimori thinks over her words, but doesn't understand what she meant.

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