Chapter 097: Together
Chap 97
Kanji 一緒に
Rōmaji Isshoni
English Together
Other Information
Volume Volume 11
Release Date February 17, 2006
Episode Episode 37:Requiem; Episode 39: The Mystery of Karasumori
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Madarao

Together (一緒に, Isshoni) is the 97th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


At Karasumori, Madarao asks Yoshimori Sumimura why he didn't let Shigemori Sumimura take over his duties for the night. Yoshimori says that Karasumori helped Gen Shishio die, and that things would have been different if Gen wanted to live.

Tokine arrives just as Yoshimori begins to cry, and though he tries to hide it, Tokine reminds him that she's used to seeing him cry. Yoshimori insists that Gen had no reason to risk his life for Karasumori, but Tokine thinks he had a different reason for doing it. Tokine says it's okay for him to cry, but Yoshimori thinks she'll make fun of him. Tokine insists that she wouldn't, inwardly admitting she hoped they could cry together. Yoshimori swears he'll become stronger, so that he won't have to cry anymore.

At school, Hiromu Tabata asks Yoshimori about Gen suddenly transferring out of school. Yoshimori walks away without answering, and goes up to the roof.

Byaku explains to Hekian that Princess can no longer be moved, so they must alter their plans for Karasumori. Hekian suggests studying the Kekkaishi in order to unlock Karasumori's secrets. He discusses Legitimate Successors, their techniqes and link to the land, and concludes that Karasumori was created by a Kekkaishi. Gagin interrupts, demanding that they return to Karasumori at once. Byaku points out that he is still wounded, but eventually tells them both to prepare to return to Karasumori.

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