Chapter 093: Omen
Chap 93
Kanji 兆し
Rōmaji Kizashi
English Omen
Other Information
Volume Volume 10
Release Date December 15, 2005
Episode Episode 37:Gen Shishio's Last Stand
Cover Characters Shigemori Sumimura

Omen (兆し, Kizashi) is the 93rd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Shigemori Sumimura continues to fight the Spider Goons alone, but grows increasingly concerned that Tokiko Yukimura has not come out. He finally goes into the Yukimura Home to find her, but instead encounters her Shikigami clone protecting the sleeping Shizue Yukimura with a Kekkai. The Shikigami informs him that Tokiko has gone to Kurosusuki alone. Shigemori creates several Shikigami clones and places a giant Kekkai around both homes, then heads to Karasumori. On the way, he meets Kyoichi Hiba, who asks about Tokiko and is shocked to learn she is absent. Hiba informs Shigemori of the situation at Karasumori, and they rush there together.

Gen Shishio is surprised that Yoshimori isn't afraid of his wolf-man form. Gagin flies high above the site and charges up a huge fireball. Yoshimori advises Gen to attack after the fireball is thrown, and is confident his Kekkai can deflect it (Gen points out it failed to do so earlier). Gen is amazed that he is still in control, as any other time he transformed, he lost control completely. Gen's egg hatches, releasing a small bug. Gen destroys it at once and focuses on Gagin. Tokine is worried about the plan, but knows she can't stop Yoshimori and Gen. Yoshimori admits he would like here to be somewhere safe, but asks her to stay beside him. Tokine agrees and encourages him to do his best. Gagin finally throws the fireball, and Tokine creates a stairway of Kekkai for Gen to quickly climb. Gen attacks Gagin, slashing off his three right arms.

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