Chapter 092: Total Transformation
Chap 92
Kanji 完全変化
Rōmaji Kanzen Henka
English Total Transformation
Other Information
Volume Volume 10
Release Date December 15, 2005
Episode Episode 36:Karasumori in Flames
Cover Characters Gagin; Gen Shishio

Total Transformation (完全変化, Kanzen Henka) is the 92nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Gagin's flames change color, and though Yoshimori and Tokine both try to protect Gen Shishio with Kekkai, Gagin's fireball tears through both and hits Gen, destroying a good portion of both his arms. Gen quickly regenerates, but Gagin launches another volley of fireballs. Yoshimori barely manages to protect them all with Kekkai. Gen realizes there is only one way to beat Gagin: he must fully transform, even if it means being kicked out of the Night Troop. Yoshimori and Tokine remain confident, believing help will eventually come, but Gen knows the Night Troop is occupied elsewhere. He tells them his plan, saying that only a monster can beat a monster. Yoshimori corrects him, saying a monster doesn't risk his life for others. Gen fully transforms into a wolf-man. Yoshimori is impressed, but refuses to let Gen fight alone as Gagin prepares for a final attack.

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Volume 10
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