Chapter 089: Pandemonium
Chap 89
Kanji 百鬼夜行
Rōmaji Hyakkiyagyō
English Pandemonium
Other Information
Volume Volume 10
Release Date December 15, 2005
Episode Episode 35:The Kokubourou Draws Near
Cover Characters Ayakashi

Pandemonium ( 百鬼夜行, Hyakkiyagyō) is the 89th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Countless Ayakashi emerge from the black cloud over Karasumori.

At the Sumimura Home, Shigemori Sumimura notices the Spider Goons gathering outside, but also figures there must be even more Kokuboro Ayakashi at Karasumori. He instructs Toshimori Sumimura to protect Shuji, then goes outside to fight.

Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen Shishio begin fighting the invading Ayakashi.

Byaku and Shion observe the battle via bugs that function like cameras. Shion is surprised that there are only three defenders, and Byaku is confident their allies are occupied elsewhere, so they are the only thing standing between Princess reaching Karasumori. Shion wonders why Gagin has only allowed weaklings to challenge the defenders so far. Byaku is unconcerned with the greedy Ayakashi driven wild by Karasumori's influence, since they will be destroyed one way or another. Gagin finally sets foot on Karasumori himself, incinerating everything nearby with his entrance.

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