Chapter 086: Baby Steps
Chap 86
Kanji 胎動
Rōmaji Taidō
English Baby Steps
Other Information
Volume 10
Release Date December 15, 2005
Episode Episode 34:Call of Darkness
Cover Characters Gen Shishio; Yoshimori Sumimura

Baby Steps (胎動), Taidō) is the 86th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Tokiko Yukimura leaves home to attempt to gain entry into Kurosusuki. She assumes it will be difficult, since all the Shikigami she sent previously were destroyed. She leaves a Shikigami clone of herself to watch over the Yukimura Home in her absence.

On the school roof, Gen Shishio stares at the egghewas given and reflects on his encounter with Kaguro. He hides the egg as Yoshimori joins him, correctly guessing that he is depressed from his latest encounter with Tokine. Gen tells him not to worry since they are getting along, which cheers up Yoshimori. Yoshimori tries to find out if Gen likes a girl, but Gen says no one can love him, since they would never accept what he is. He wishes his power was more like Yoshimori's and leaves.

Byaku tells Kaguro that the egg is really only loyal to him, and he can sense that Gen still has it. Kaguro doubts it will effectively make Gen join them, but Byaku says it is enough if Gen is conflicted. Aihi tells Byaku her preparations are complete. After leaving Byaku, Kaguro offers to take Aihi out of the castle, but she walks away, so he takes back his offer. Byaku prepares to leave the castle.

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