Chapter 082: Assault
Chap 82
Kanji 襲撃
Rōmaji Shūgeki
English Assault
Other Information
Volume 9
Release Date September 16, 2005
Episode Episode 39:Hurry Grandpa Shige!
Cover Characters Heisuke Matsudo; Kagami (demon)

Assault (襲撃), Shūgeki) is the 82nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


At Karasumori, Yoshimori has no interest in hunting small Ayakashi, as he is focused on Kokuboro. Madarao suggests that Kokuboro may simply want to control a powerful land, so that they will not disappear.

Shion and her Spider Goons approach the home of Heisuke Matsudo.

One of Matsudo's servant Ayakashi delivers a letter to Shigemori Sumimura. Shigemori tells Shuji that Matsudo is in danger, and they rush toward Matsudo's home, and run into the Night Troop's Mukade, who offers to transport them via his giant shadow bug. In the letter, Matsudo thanks Shigemori for being his friend, but says goodbye and asks him to forget everything. They arrive to find other Night Troop members outside the house, and Heisuke already dead.

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