Chapter 080: Gagin and Hekian
Chap 80
Kanji 牙銀と碧闇
Rōmaji Gagin to Hekian
English Gagin and Hekian
Other Information
Volume 9
Release Date September 16, 2005
Episode Episode 39:A Challenge from Atora
Cover Characters Gagin; Hekian; Kokuboro Trio

Gagin and Hekian (牙銀と碧闇), Gagin to Hekian) is the 80th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Kokuboro's Gagin and Hekian go to the Colorless Swamp to learn more about the previous lord of Karasumori. Hekian uses his hand, which has many eyes in it, to gaze beneath the swamp, where he sees a darkness similar to the one beneath Karasumori. Gagin is prepared to destroy the lord, but Hekian explains that they are investigating, so they only need to drain the water. Gagin reluctantly drinks all the water, evaporating it in his body as he does so.

At school, Yoshimori visits Gen Shishio in class so he can borrow a textbook. Gen admits he doesn't have it, and Yoshimori yells at him for being a slacker, but Gen doesn't seem to care at all about school. Back in his own class, Yoshimori complains to his friends. Hiromu Tabata shows him a news report about the Colorless Swamp being dry.

Yoshimori, Gen, and Tokine go the Colorless Swamp, where they find a massive pit that looks as if it was made by melting the environment. Yoshimori calls for Lord Uro, and is shocked when Mamezo emerges. Mamezo confirms that Lord Uro is unharmed, as the Ayakashi who made the pit could never hope to reach him.

Shigemori Sumimura visits Heisuke Matsudo to discuss the incident. Matsudo believes he has located Kokuboro's hideout in another world.

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