Chapter 078: Raizo
Chap 78
Kanji 雷蔵
Rōmaji Raizo
English Raizo
Other Information
Volume 9
Release Date September 16, 2005
Episode Episode 32:A Challenge from Atora
Cover Characters Atora Hanashima; Raizo; Yoshimori Sumimura; Gen Shishio; Tokine Yukimura

Raizo (雷蔵), Raizo) is the 78th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Atora Hanashima gives Yoshimori, Gen Shishio, and Tokine an hour to capture her without harming her. She adds that her demons will be trying to stop them, and they will all be wearing tiger-striped scarves like hers to differentiate them from any wild Ayakashi that might appear. Raizo spits out several clouds before running away. Annoyed, Gen runs off to chase Atora without waiting for the others. Yoshimori decides to bring him back and force him to work as a team.

Atora spots Gen and orders him to stop. Unable to ignore her commands, he falls to the ground headfirst, where Yoshimori finds him. Atora reminds them that if Gen could catch her by himself, there would be no point to the exercise. Raizo's clouds appear overhead and release lightning, shocking Gen and Yoshimori. Tokine rushes to help, but is tripped by Sensuke, a small, burrowing demon. Tokine finds the boys arguing, and hits them with Kekkai to get their attention, so they can make a plan.

Tokine asks Gen to tell them about Atora, as he knows her best. Gen explains that Atora is fast but not very strong. He adds that the coulds will vanish once Raizo is disabled. Tokine decides that she and Yoshimori will support Gen while he attacks, but Gen says Yoshimori should be the one to attack. Tokine uses Kekkai to drive Raizo in one direction, where Yoshimori confronts him. While Raizo is distracted, Gen hits him from behind. Enraged, Raizo charges at him, but Yoshimori knocks Raizo out with a Kekkai. Majirou, a demon in Atora's bag, senses the battle's end and reports the result to Atora. Atora notes there are twenty minutes left, and says they'll win if they just avoid the three for a while. Majirou climbs on Atora's back and reveals its wings, enabling Atora to fly.

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