Chapter 076: Caged Bird
Kekkaishi ch76 01
Kanji 籠の鳥
Rōmaji Kago no Tori
English Caged Bird
Other Information
Volume 9
Release Date September 16, 2005
Episode Episode 32:A Challenge from Atora
Cover Characters Aihi

Caged Bird (籠の鳥), Kago no Tori) is the 76th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


In a meeting of Kokuboro's leaders, Byaku stresses that they are running out of time: their land is weakening because it is tied to Princess, whose health is also declining. Gagin immediately suggests that they attack Karasumori, but Aihi points out that they do not yet have an effective way to use the land's power. Byaku agrees, adding that even if they conquered Karasumori, they would be powerless to guard it during the day, and the humans could easily take it back. Aihi adds that they are not able to mass produce the human skin disguises yet, and even if they were, they cannot use their powers while wearing them. Byaku thinks that locating Karasumori's master is the best way to gain access to its power. Aihi mentions that Karasumori has changed masters once before. Byaku authorizes the group to locate the unknown master through any means, but states that any attack will require authorization. He orders Aihi to focus on extending Princess's life.

Aihi approaches Kaguro and correctly guesses that he falsified the report on his assassin squad's trip to Karasumori. She accuses him of always killing his comrades, but Kaguro counters by saying that someone like him never had comrades to begin with. Aihi asks how this is possible if he has Byaku's bugs in him, and Kaguro suggests that he may be stronger than Byaku. Kaguro asks why Aihi is always in her human form, and she says that it's merely habit: she was forced to be the companion of a human for some time, and he always ordered her to remain in her human form. Kaguro says that she was like a bird in a cage, and notes that the castle has now become her cage.

Gen Shishio is meditating in his apartment when Yoshimori knocks on the door. Yoshimori says that he brought handouts from school and homemade food. Gen refuses to let him in until Yoshimori explains that half of the food is for him, so he won't just leave it outside as Gen requests. Gen reluctantly lets him in. They eat without much conversation, and Yoshimori excitedly presents a chocolate cake that he made himself for desert. Gen eats it without complaint, and as they finish, a woman knocks on the door and asks if Gen is home. Gen immediately begins acting strangely and begs Yoshimori not to open the door. When it becomes clear that Gen won't answer the door, the woman simply kicks it open and walks in.

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