Chapter 075: Decision
Chap 75
Kanji 決定
Rōmaji Kettei
English Decision
Other Information
Volume 8
Release Date July 15, 2005
Episode Episode 31:Gen's Dark Past
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Gen Shishio

Decision (決定), Kettei) is the 75th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori Sumimura says he wants to talk to Gen Shishio, but Gen runs away. Gen figures they either want to say goodbye or criticize him. He thinks it best that he leave before they see his full transformation and hate him more. Gen spots a small Ayakashi and decides to do his job as long as he's there. However, he notices too late the Ayakashi is tied to a bucket with a Nenshi. Kekkai form around Gen's limbs to prevent him from moving, and Yoshimori flattens him with a huge Kekkai. Tokine and Yoshimori begin arguing over his excessive force. Gen tries to escape, but Tokine drags him to the ground, annoyed that he seems to be afraid of them. She states clearly that they want him to stay, and they'll find a way for so they can fight together as a team. Yoshimori angrily encourages Gen to fight to keep his job. Gen says it's impossible for him to cooperate with humans. Kyoichi Hiba arrives and informs them that Gen will stay, with a strict warning that he won't get a second chance. Gen thanks him, but Hiba admits it wasn't his decision. Yoshimori and Tokine happily congratulate Gen.

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