Chapter 073: Four Years Ago (Part 3)
Chap 73
Kanji 4年前(後編)
Rōmaji 4 Nen Mae (Kōhen)
English Four Years Ago (Part 3)
Other Information
Volume 8
Release Date July 15, 2005
Episode Episode 31:Gen's Dark Past
Cover Characters Gen Shishio; Ryo Shishio

Four Years Ago (Part 3) (4年前(後編), 4 Nen Mae (Kōhen)) is the 73rd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Masamori Sumimura finds Ryo Shishio wounded and uses his Shikigami to stop the bleeding. He calls for a rescue team and tracks down Gen Shishio, who despite his Ayakashi form is in tears from how humans have treated him. Gen attacks, wounding Masamori's arm. Masamori realizes it is impossible to capture Gen without injuring him, and activates his Zekkai, knocking Gen out.

Gen wakes up at Night Troop Headquarters, back in his human form and with a flame tattoo on his body. Masamori explains that if Gen attempts to access power beyond a certain limit, the tattoo will activate, making him feel as if he is on fire. Masamori says Gen can't go home because of what he's done, and says Ryo is out of danger. Gen's father named him in hopes that he would always be aware of his limits, and Masamori believes Gen can live up to that. He welcomes Gen to the Night Troop and introduces Atora Hanashima, who will be Gen's trainer.

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