Chapter 070: The Best Man for the Job
Chap 70
Kanji 適任
Rōmaji Tekinin
English The Best Man for the Job
Other Information
Volume Volume 8
Release Date July 15, 2005
Episode Episode 30:The Right Person for Karasumori
Cover Characters Gen Shishio; Yoshimori Sumimura

The Best Man for the Job (適任, Tekinin) is the 70th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Kyoichi Hiba describes Gen Shishio as a dangerous person who wasn't able to control his powers. Yoshimori refuses to believe that Gen would simply attack someone for no reason. Hiba insists that in the Shadow Organization, taking personal responsibility for your powers is the only way to succeed. He admits he has no idea why Masamori Sumimura appointed Gen, but is confident Gen will soon be replaced by someone more competent.

In a flashback, Gen recalls how his comrades doubted his ability to handle such an important assignment as protecting Karasumori. Masamori, however, thought he was the best person for the job, and personally asked Gen to handle it until he returned.

At school, Yoshimori asks Gen what rule he broke, though doesn't really expect Gen to answer. Gen explains that there are two types of Ayakashi Majiri: parasitic, who can only transform a portion of their bodies, and integrated, who can fully transform into an Ayakashi. It is forbidden for the integrated type to fully transform, because they will be unable to control their powers and can't be reasoned with in that state. Gen admits that he really did almost kill his sister, and leaves.

Yomi Kasuga informs Masamori that she knows the identity of the man controlling the traitors. Masamori agrees, having already known this, and says he is on his way to see the man. Yomi is shocked to notice that Masamori's robe has the design of his executive badge on the back. Yomi says it is a stupid thing to do considering who he is meeting with, but Masamori says he'll be pleased if the man thinks that.

Yoshimori decides to call Masamori, in hopes he can do something about Gen's situation. Much to his annoyance, Masamori is unavailable.

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