Chapter 068: Elegance
Chap 68
Kanji 美学
Rōmaji Bigaku
English Elegance
Other Information
Volume Volume 8
Release Date July 15, 2005
Episode Episode 29:Seal of Dispelling
Cover Characters Kaguro; Gen Shishio; Yoshimori Sumimura; Tokine Yukimura

Elegance (美学, Bigaku) is the 68th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


With Haizen destroyed, Kaguro assumes the battle's outcome has been decided. Tokine is concerned she has little power left, but Yoshimori congratulates her on her plan and tells her to leave the rest to him. The Ayakashi begin to argue over Sanan abandoning Haizen. Yoshimori quickly destroys Haroku. He surrounds Sekia in a Kekkai, but Sanan saves him, though with the understanding that he'll kill Sekia if he fails. Yoshimori and Tokine feel Gen's aura and realize he must be safe. While they are distracted, Sekia grabs Tokine.

In the middle of Gen transforming to his full wolf state, he is attacked and prevented by Kyoichi Hiba, who reminds him that it is forbidden.

Sanan and Sekia use Tokine as a hostage and tell Yoshimori to surrender. In his anger, Yoshimori is surrounded by a dark aura as he orders them to release Tokine. This interests Kaguro, who suddenly kills Sanan and Sekia for sinking to using a hostage.

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