Chapter 065: Black Fire
Chap 65
Kanji 火黒
Rōmaji Kaguro
English Black Fire
Other Information
Volume Volume 7
Release Date May 18, 2005
Episode Episode 28:The Kokubourou's Declaration of War
Cover Characters Gen Shishio

Black Fire (火黒, Kaguro) is the 65th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Kaguro throws two blades, destroying Madarao and Hakubi before the Kekkaishi can react, and decides to leave the rest to his team, warning he will kill them if they fail. Sanan suggests to the other Ayakashi that Kaguro was sent to observe them in combat and judge their abilities. Sanan picks up Gen Shishio, quickly retreating with the others. Yoshimori immediately follows, leaving Tokine with no choice but to follow him. They are lead into an area marked off with four large, square stones. Yoshimori tries to attack but fails. Sanan explains that the area seals Kekkai abilities, meaning the Kekkaishi are essentially normal humans within it. The Kekkaishi try to escape, only to be forced to stop by Sekia. Sanan explains that his plan is to force them to negotiate while they are powerless. Sekia begins launching trees at the Kekkaishi. Kaguro approves of the team's plan so far. Meanwhile, Gen is hidden in some nearby bushes.

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Volume 7
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