Chapter 061: Council of Twelve
Chap 61
Kanji 十二人会
Rōmaji Jūnininkai
English Council of Twelve
Other Information
Volume Volume 7
Release Date May 18, 2005
Episode Episode 27: Council of Twelve
Cover Characters Masamori Sumimura , Konozuka Kihei , Kagen Shiromi , Ichirou Ougi , Tatsuki , Nura Kidoin , Kusaribe Gaiji , Juho , Okuni , Tsumugi Kazuchika , Meian , Yumeji Hisaomi

Council of Twelve (十二人会, Jūnininkai) is the 61st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Masamori Sumimura meets the other executives of the Group of Twelve, most of whom seem to have a low opinion of him. He is given a membership badge, with the warning that if it is lost or destroyed, he will be demoted. Masamori gets the impression that the other executives are all monsters.

Shigemori Sumimura visits Heisuke Matsudo, who has managed to recreate the Ayakashi arm from the sample he was given. By placing a demon inside of the arm, he is able to animate it. Heisuke explains that the skin completely covers an Ayakashi's scent and suppresses their power, allowing them to be active during daylight hours. However, the skin is not durable and doesn't last long, especially if the Ayakashi uses its power. Heisuke suspects that Kokuboro is experimenting, because they are offering Ayakashi who aid them the chance to become human. He suggests relying on the Shadow Organization, but Shigemori angrily refuses. Heisuke is surprised by this reaction, and reveals to him that Masamori has recently become the youngest executive.

As the Group of Twelve's meeting ends, Executive 8 orders Masamori not to make mistakes or he'll be replaced. Executive 3 pretends to comfort him, but actually tries to steal his badge, which Masamori prevents. Once left alone, Masamori silently makes an oath that none of them will touch Karasumori.

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