Chapter 060: Grandpa's Night
Chap 60
Kanji じじいの夜
Rōmaji Jijii no Yoru
English Grandpa's Night
Other Information
Volume Volume 7
Release Date May 18, 2005
Episode Episode 26:A Night Without Yoshimori
Cover Characters Shigemori Sumimura; Madarao; Tokine Yukimura; Hakubi

Grandpa's Night (じじいの夜, Jijii no Yoru) is the 60th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


While Tokine and Hakubi patrol Karasumori, they are startled when Shigemori Sumimura appears with Madarao.

The previous day, both Gen Shishio and Tokine both destroyed Ayakashi before Yoshimori could. To prevent this, Yoshimori set a Kekkai high above the school so he could see the entire campus. The first attempt failed because Gen was faster, and the second failed because Yoshimori fell into the pool and caught a cold.

Determined to destroy more Ayakashi than Tokine or Gen, Shigemori eagerly begins the hunt while Tokine and Gen watch, surprised by his high energy. Later, Shigemori orders Madarao to tell him immediately if an Ayakashi with a scent similar to the one in the human disguise appears. Shigemori asks if Yoshimori will be useful. Madarao says Yoshimori has a lot of power but is an idiot, much like Shigemori was in his youth. Shigemori assumes this means Yoshimori has potential. Madarao says Yoshimori is dumber than Shigemori was, and that he would jump into fire without hesitation.

Madarao senses something in the bushes, but it turns out to be Yoshimori, still sick but determined not to let Shigemori replace him. Meanwhile, Gen wonders why no one from the Night Troop has contacted him lately, and how long he'll have to keep hunting Ayakashi in Karasumori.

Masamori Sumimura meets with Yomi Kasuga in a diner. Yomi says that Masamori was promoted to the Group of Twelve because of the Night Troop's "number three man". Masamori corrects her by adding that she is one of them now. Yomi suspects this is the work of one of other executives, and when Masamori asks her to gather info on them, she flat out refuses because of the danger involved. Masamori is confident Yomi can do it because one of the executives is a relative of hers.

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