Chapter 059: Karasumori's No. 1
Chap 59
Kanji 烏森で一番
Rōmaji Karasumori de Ichiban
English Karasumori's No. 1
Other Information
Volume Volume 7
Release Date May 18, 2005
Episode Episode 25:Tokine and the Prince
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura

Karasumori's No. 1 (烏森で一番, Karasumori de Ichiban) is the 59th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Tokine picks up the knife, telling Nouotoko not to move, and to tell her more about Kokuboro. When he moves instead, she attacks him again. Nouotoko fearfully asks if she doesn't care what happens to Kimiya Hachioji's body. Tokine simply replies that she doesn't know Kimiya. Nouotoko is shocked that Tokine isn't attracted to Kimiya the way other girls are. Tokine says her ideal guy would be taller, with shoulders at her eye level (this depresses Yoshimori, since Tokine's shoulders are at his eye level). Tokine pummels Nouotoko (and Kimiya) with Kekkai repeatedly. Nouotoko finally tells her that Kokuboro is based in a tall, black castle somewhere, and that they are unusually organized for Ayakashi, who normally only pursue their individual interests. He adds that they think rather like humans, in that they will do anything to reach their goals. Attempting to escape, Nouotoko throws a bookshelf at Tokine and tries to run, but throws it back at him with a Kekkai, knocking Kimiya out. She captures Nouotoko within a Kekkai, and before destroying him, says that far from being the weakest, she is the most evil Kekkaishi.

Kimiya soon wakes up, and Tokine asks if he's okay. Though he should have no memory of what happened, he instinctively fears Tokine, apologizes, and runs away. Tokine finds Gen Shishio and Yoshimori standing outside. Tokine asks if The Shadow Organization knows anything about Kokuboro, but Gen admits that he is lowly-ranked and only takes orders. Tokine worries the problem is growing beyond the trio's ability to handle alone, and thinks their best option is to work with the organization. Yoshimori angrily marches off, determined to grow so he'll be ideal for Tokine.

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