Chapter 058: Kimiya Hachioji
Chap 58
Kanji 八王子君也
Rōmaji Hachioji Kimiya
English Kimiya Hachioji
Other Information
Volume Volume 7
Release Date May 18, 2005
Episode Episode 25:Tokine and the Prince
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Hiromu Tabata; Tomonori Ichigaya; Tokine Yukimura; Kimiya Hachioji

Kimiya Hachioji (八王子君也, Hachioji Kimiya) is the 58th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori Sumimura, Hiromu Tabata, and Tomonori Ichigaya decide to follow Tokine Yukimura and Kimiya Hachioji. Hiromu suspects that the two are now dating, but Yoshimori refuses to believe this. A group of frantic girls rush past, convincing Hiromu and Ichigaya to give up on the chase. Yoshimori suddenly spots Gen Shishio on the other side of street. Yoshimori follows Gen to a nearby rooftop to ask him to track Tokine's scent. Gen points out that this is unnecessary: from the roof, they can both easily see Kimiya leading Tokine away by the hand. Kimiya suddenly picks up Tokine bridal style and begins leaping over rooftops, which makes Gen suspicious (Yoshimori is too traumatized by the thought of Tokine and Kimiya in a relationship).

Kimiya takes Tokine to an abandoned warehouse, where in he takes out a knife and threatens to cut his own throat if Tokine doesn't listen to his demands. Kimiya is revealed to be under the control of Nouotoko (Brain Man), a parasitic Ayakashi that can unleash the dormant powers of its host. Nouotoko wants Tokine to surrender her body to him, but she first asks how he learned of Kekkaishi and Karasumori. Nouotoko tells her that a group of Ayakashi called Kokuboro are selling and buying info about Kekkaishi and Karasumori. He plans to either sell Tokine herself to them, or if he takes a liking to her body, sell only what she knows. He instructs Tokine on the ritual he needs to transfer bodies: she must pour her heart into saying his current host's name into the body's ear, followed by her own name. Tokine begins the ritual, but asks why he chose her out of all the Kekkaishi. Nouotoko replies it's because she looked the weakest, but says he'll bring out all of her true power. Insulted, Tokine ruthlessly slams a Kekkai into Nouotoko and Kimiya, knocking them to the ground as Gen and Yoshimori look on in shock.

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