Chapter 052: Masamori and Gen
Kanji 正守と限
Rōmaji Masamori to Gen
English Masamori and Gen
Other Information
Volume Volume 6
Release Date February 18, 2005
Episode Episode 22:Emissary from the Shadow Organization
Cover Characters Hiromu Tabata ; Tomonori Ichigaya ; Yoshimori Sumimura; Gen Shishio

Masamori and Gen (正守と限, Masamori to Gen) is the 52nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori heads to gym class with Hiromu Tabata and Tomonori Ichigaya, passing Gen Shishio along the way. Gen ignores them, but Yoshimori immediately grows upset and swears he will kill Gen.

That night at Karasumori, Yoshimori drinks tons of coffee milk. Noticing Tokine, he abruptly approaches her with the idea of getting rid of Gen. Tokine is reluctant, saying they don't know enough about him yet, and wants to try talking to him on her own. She has Hakubi track Gen, and finds him sitting on a tree branch. She asks if she they can talk, but Gen leaps away without a word, annoying Tokine.

Madarao loses his patience with Yoshimori's complaints and bites him, reminding him that his goal was to seal Karasumori before he started obsessing over Gen. Yoshimori admits that he's really upset because Gen compared him to Masamori. Madarao suggests that they show Gen how strong Yoshimori is by destroying an Ayakashi before he can.

Gen later gets a phone call from Masamori, who asks how things are going. Gen says he isn't impressed by Yoshimori. Masamori tells Gen to enjoy school life, and advises him to learn how to talk to girls. The conversation is briefly interrupted on Masamori's end, as he is in the middle of hunting Yatsude, an Ayakashi with eight arms (one of which Masamori has taken). Masamori quickly destroys Yatsude. Gen asks why Masamori sent him to Karasumori. Masamori says the main reason is because he thought Gen and Yoshimori would get along.

Characters (in order of appearance)

Minor Ayakashi


Volume 6
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