Chapter 043: Feathers
Chap 43
Rōmaji Hane
English Feathers
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 19: Assault of the White Feathers
Cover Characters Shirahago; The Spy

Feathers ( 羽 Hane ) is the 43rd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


The Spy orders the Shirahago triplets to distract the Kekkaishi, but not to attack until he gives the signal. The triplets reluctantly agree, feeling this is a waste of time.

Madarao figures out that Yoshimori is trying to seal Karasumori and teases him. However, Madarao says Yoshimori might have the right amount of recklessness to accomplish the task.

Tokine is worried about Yoshimori and the mysterious technique he was attempting earlier. Hakubi notes that she seems to be in a bad mood. Suddenly, they sense three intruders. Madarao confirms he smells the same Ayakashi in three different directions. Yoshimori spots one of the triplets flying overhead and chases him. The triplet dodges Yoshimori's first attack, and dissolves into feathers to avoid the second.

While chasing another triplet, Hakubi warns Tokine of another intruder that has a human scent. The Spy observes, taking note of how Kekkai can be used at footholds in mid-air, and how they weaken with distance from the Kekkaishi. Tokine captures a triplet in a Kekkai, but it dissolves into feathers and drills through the Kekkai to escape. Yoshimori manages to collapse a Kekkai around his triplet, but it reforms, though is missing one arm. Enraged, the triplet asks if they can attack yet. The triplet regenerates and begins to transform due to Karasumori's influence. The Spy is surprised by this, and gives the signal.

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