Chapter 041: Toshimori's Days
Chap 41
Kanji 利守の日々
Rōmaji Toshimori no Hibi
English Toshimori's Days
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 18: A Day in the Life of Toshimori
Cover Characters Toshimori Sumimura; Yoshimori Sumimura

Toshimori's Days ( 利守の日々 Toshimori no Hibi ) is the 41st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


At Toshimori's school, his friends Taichi Komagome and Gaku Mikawajima convince him to help them with their homework, though he is reluctant to do so. They suggest studying at Toshimori's house, but he is worried they will cause trouble since his father and grandfather are out. To make them behave, he tells them that Yoshimori is really scary. As they reach Toshimori's neighborhood, his friends are impressed by the large size of all the houses. Toshimori spots Tokine walking home and runs to catch up with her. Taichi and Gaku are stunned by Tokine's beauty. Tokine asks Toshimori if he has noticed Yoshimori acting odd lately, which she has noticed since Masamori came to visit. Toshimori says he hasn't, since to him, Yoshimori always acts odd. Tokine leaves when they reach her house, and Toshimori's friends are stunned, both by the fact that her house is so big, and by the fact that Toshimori lives in an equally large house next door. They immediately begin running around excitedly, but Toshimori reminds them of Yoshimori, so they calm down. Unfortunately, Yoshimori is busy baking and is so mild-mannered when he greets them, Toshimori's friends lose all fear of him. Toshimori convinces his friends to start studying, and Yoshimori brings them a candy castle he made. Toshimori is annoyed, but his friends are impressed and eat the whole thing. They lose interest in studying and start running around again. Toshimori loses his patience and accidentally knocks them out with a Kekkai. Feeling guilty, he asks Yoshimori for help. Yoshimori reassures him and helps him take care of his friends.

Shizue Yukimura makes dinner for the Sumimura boys and asks Tokine to take it over to them. Since no one answers the door, Tokine lets herself in. Toshimori's friends wake up just before Tokine encounters a cockroach in the kitchen. Her screams bring the boys running, but she accidentally tosses the dinner tray, sending food flying everywhere. Everyone ends up covered in curry as a result. Toshimori is embarrassed, but his friends insist they had a great time, and think Yoshimori is cool because he made snacks. This makes Toshimori feel a little better about the whole day, and he realizes Yoshimori is more dependable than he once thought.

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