Chapter 040: Footprints of the Divine
Chap 40
Kanji 神様の足跡
Rōmaji Kami-sama no Ashiato
English Footprints of the Divine
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 17: The Divine Territory
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura; Yoshimori Sumimura

Footprints of the Divine ( 神様の足跡 Kami-sama no Ashiato ) is the 40th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yoshimori, despite knowing the risk to himself, stays in Lord Uro's bed in order to ask him about Karasumori. Mamezo orders Yoshimori to leave because the portal to the surface is closing. Yoshimori can sense the doman rejecting him, but insists that the bed won't be complete while he is still inside. He begs for answers from Lord Uro, who is rapidly falling asleep. Yoshimori's desperation reminds Lord Uro of the human who asked him for Karasumori. Mamezo extends the vine on his head and wraps it around Yoshimori, throwing him toward the portal and telling him to focus on reaching his world.

On the surface, Shigemori sees the portal growing smaller and is concerned. In the darkness of the portal, Yoshimori forgets who and where he is. The words on his arm mean nothing to him, and he is overcome by loneliness and fear. He has a flashback of Tokine reaching out to save him when they were children, and tries to reach for her as she repeatedly calls his name. A hand grabs his, but it belongs to Shigemori, who pulls him out of the portal. Yoshimori bursts into tears, and Shigemori hugs him. Upon realizing what he's doing, Yoshimori freaks out, embarrassed. Shigemori says he wanted Yoshimori to go because he still has room for growth. However, he thinks it odd that Lord Uro's bed should need repairs after only 50 years, when normally it should last for 100 years. Shigemori offers to take over Yoshimori's duties for the night, but Yoshimori insists on going.

At Karasumori that night, Tokine is curious about how things went, but Yoshimori only gives her vague answers. Yoshimori is uncomfortable because he feels like Tokine saved him again despite not having been with him. She repeatedly calls his name to get his attention, which further reminds him of the adventure and makes him more uncomfortable.

The next morning, Shuji wakes up Yoshimori because a tree has sprung up in the kitchen where Lord Uro had sat. Even odder, there are doughnuts growing on the tree. At school, there is a moss trail where Lord Uro walked, and Yoshimori realizes he forgot to check the school last night. He finds a huge bed of grass on the roof where he met Lord Uro, and decides to take a nap.

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