Chapter 039: Divine Field
Chap 39
Kanji 神の領域
Rōmaji Kami no Ryōiki
English Divine Field
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 17: The Divine Territory
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

Divine Field ( 神の領域 Kami no Ryōiki ) is the 39th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


As Yoshimori enters the dark portal, he momentarily forgets where he is and why he's there. He wakes up on the ground to Mamezo's yelling, and finds Lord Uro staring at him. Yoshimori remembers everything and notices his hands, where his grandfather wrote down everything he would need: his instructions on the left hand, and his name on the right. According to Shigemori, while in the god's realm, it is likely that one will lose all reason and forget himself. Yoshimori's task is to restore the jyugu at the center of the bed with the Restoration Technique. At Shigemori's suggestion, Yoshimori wrote on his arm three things he wouldn't want to forget: candy castle, sealing Karasumori, and Tokine.

Lord Uro's bed turns out to be a giant, floating ball of vines, branches, and moss. Mamezo complains about Yoshimori being slow, saying that he isn't as efficient as the last Kekkaishi who came. Yoshimori swears he'll do better than Shigemori, but Mamezo insists that the last Kekkaishi was a woman. Yoshimori realizes that must have been Tokiko Yukimura, and wonders why his grandfather misled him.

Outside the portal's entrance, Shigemori has a flashback to fifty year previous, when a young Tokiko refused to let Shigemori enter the portal with her. Tokiko pointed out that she was stronger than him, and that she needed someone to stay behind, anyway. She added that she already wrote down everything she'd need on her hand, but then noticed the writing was starting to rub off. Shigemori immediately stepped forward and fixed the writing for her, wanting to be sure she could return.

In the present, Yoshimori forces his way into Lord Uro's bed, where he finds a water-like Kekkai, but can still breathe inside it. In the center is an ancient, cracked box. Since the box is empty, Yoshimori realizes he has to restore it, and begins to do so. Recalling his grandfather's lesson, Yoshimori decides to pour more power into the technique. As a result, he greatly increases the size of the barrier, freeing it of all the vines that had surrounded it. Lord Uro is so excited that he leaps into the bed. With the god inside, the Kekkai activates, and Yoshimori feels a stifling pressure. Mamezo tells him to leave, since a human spirit won't last long under such conditions. Yoshimori refuses to leave because he still has questions for Lord Uro.

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