Chapter 037: Lord Uro
Chap 37
Kanji ウロ様
Rōmaji Uro-sama
English Lord Uro
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 16: Lord Uro of the Colorless Swamp
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura; Madoka; Lord Uro

Resolution ( ウロ様 Uro-sama ) is the 37th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


A mysterious creature in a kimono makes its way through Karasumori Academy, going undetected by students as it takes food from their lunches. Tokine spots the creature in the lunch room and quickly runs after it, but loses sight of it when she bumps into a student. She wonders why she didn't sense it. Yoshimori is eating lunch when the creature walks past his classroom. Yoshimori jumps up and runs to the door, but sees nothing and assumes he imagined it, since there was no evil aura.

Finding nothing else unusual in the high school section, Tokine wants to check the junior high section, but wonders if she can rely on Yoshimori. She is about to create some Shikigami when Yurina Kanda spots her. Yurina eagerly reintroduces herself and offers to go get Yoshimori, but Tokine declines. Tokine asks if Yurina has seen anything strange, and Yurina mentions seeing both Gen-san and the creature wearing a kimono. Yurina leads Tokine to where she saw the creature sitting on the school gate. Tokine finds moss in that spot, and realizes she can track the creature by looking for more moss growing around the school. Mr Kurosu finds his desk covered in moss, and his snacks gone.

Yoshimori goes up to the school roof and finds the creature eating a stack of doughnuts. He tries to touch one, but is prevented by a small creature named Mamezo, who introduces the other as Lord Uro. Yoshimori decides they don't seem threatening, and says to leave so he won't have to destroy them. Then he creates a Kekkai around himself and takes a nap. However, Yoshimori oversleeps, and when he wakes up, Lord Uro and Mamezo are still there. Mamezo explains that Lord Uro needs a Kekkaishi, so Yoshimori takes them home with him, where Shigemori treats them as honored guests and asks Shuji to prepare a feast for them.

Tokine is concerned that she was never able to find the creature again, and Tokiko tells her that it was probably Lord Uro. Tokine is surprised that she knows about it, and Tokiko explains that Lord Uro is like a nature god. She guesses that his bed has broken again.

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