Chapter 036: What is Karasumori?
Chap 36
Kanji なんなんだ?
Rōmaji Nan Nanda?
English What is Karasumori?
Other Information
Volume Volume 5
Release Date November 18, 2004
Episode Episode 16: Lord Uro of the Colorless Swamp
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

What is Karasumori? ( 残響(前編) "Nan Nanda?" ) is the 36th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


At school, Yoshimori wonders exactly what Karasumori is, and recalls a coversation with Madarao. Madarao said he has no idea what Karasumori's power is, and Yoshimori asked him if the story about the lord's soul entombed in a shrine is true. Madarao said it's likely. Yoshimori asked how the shrine was sealed with a Kekkai, and who did it. Madarao said it was likely one of Yoshimori's ancestors. Yoshimori wondered why Madarao didn't know, since he should have been an Ayakashi for at least that long. Madarao merely said it was a long time ago. Yoshimori regrets not asking Masamori, and doesn't want to ask Shigemori. He also doesn't want to involve Tokine because it might be dangerous.

Yurina Kanda's friends Kyoko and Ayano question her about her feelings for Yoshimori. They assume that she likes him, but Yurina insists that she's only worried about him, though can't explain why because of her promise to him not to reveal their ability to see ghosts. Kyoko lists all of Yoshimori's bad points, and decides that Yurina must like guys that are ordinary. Ayano encourages Yurina to talk to Yoshimori about something they have in common.

Later, Yurina sees a mysterious man near the school garden, and wonders if he might be a ghost. She tells Yoshimori in class, and he goes with her to the roof to discuss it. However, Kyoko and Ayano are spying on them, thinking that Yurina is confessing to Yoshimori. Yurina asks if there's a way for her to stop seeing ghosts, since she can't tell the difference between ghosts and live humans. She says that lately she has been seeing odd people wearing kimonos around school, but Yoshimori points out that doesn't necessarily mean they are ghosts. Yurina notices the ghost is still at the garden and points him out. Yoshimori immediately rushes down to the garden and confronts the ghost, Gen-san, an older man that used to live in his neighborhood. Yoshimori returns to Yurina and explains that Gen-san was only trying to trim the trees, and isn't a bad guy. He tells Yurina to stay away from anything strange she sees, and promises to take care of anything that's dangerous. Yurina later sees what she thinks is another ghost in a kimono, but recalling Yoshimori's words, decides not to worry. The "ghost" in question apparently has fond memories of Karasumori, and takes some bread from a student without being detected, despite eating it right next to the boy. Yurina's friends confront her about confessing to Yoshimori, but of course she has no idea what they mean.

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