Chapter 034: Over the Sky
Chap 34
Kanji 空の上にて
Rōmaji Sora no Ue Nite
English Over the Sky
Other Information
Volume Volume 4
Release Date September 17, 2004
Episode Episode 14: Masamori's Scheme; Episode 15: Yoshimori's Ambition
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura; Yoshimori Sumimura; Hakubi; Madarao

Over the Sky ( 空の上にて Sora no Ue Nite ) is the 34th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Masamori watches as the forest burns, considering how risky Yoshimori's plan was. Tokine is worried whether or not Yoshimori will be able to maintain the Kekkai long enough for the entire forest to burn. Madarao encourages and instructs Yoshimori, but the Kekkai grows unstable. Tokine quickly uses Tenketsu to collect the flaming debris, and once the Kekkai fails, Yoshimori does the same. The forest is destroyed, but remaining clean-up job is too massive, so Tokine insists on calling for help. Tokiko Yukimura, Shigemori Sumimura, Masamori, and Toshimori Sumimura all show up to help. Shigemori yells at Yoshimori, and Masamori lectures him on being so reckless, though is inwardly amazed that Yoshimori isn't even tired from his efforts. Tokine is impressed by how many Shikigami Masamori can create. Yoshimori becomes jealous, and Tokiko drags Tokine away, scolding her for talking to a Sumimura. Shigemori warns Yoshimori that his actions have consequences.

The next day at school, Yoshimori wonders why everyone was upset, and if his actions were really so dangerous. He daydreams that his class has been taken over by ancient Ayakashi, and gets punished by Mr. Kurosu.

That night at Kararsumori, when Tokine arrives, Yoshimori immediately tells her he doesn't know where Masamori is. Tokine asks why he hates Masamori, and Yoshimori simply calls him a jerk. Tokine disagrees, saying Masamori is a brother worthy of respect. Yoshimori goes off to sulk, something Tokine notices he's always done when Masamori is mentioned. She doesn't understand their relationship as an only child. Yoshimori wonders why Masamori is the Legitimate Successor, and Tokine warns him to never say that in front of Masamori. Yoshimori asks what Tokine thinks of Kasumori, and she says despite growing up there, she feels she understands it less and less recently.

Masamori watches the site from overhead on a Kekkai, noting that in the years he's been away, Karasumori's power has increased. He spots something flying nearby and traps it in a Kekkai. The intruder is a bird that dispels, revealing itself to be an unmarked Shikigami. Masamori worries that someone is spying on Karasumori.

Yoshimori asks Madarao where Masamori is, and Madarao admits he doesn't know: Masamori has no scent, as if there is a thin film around him. Yoshimori is sure that Masamori is nearby. He spots Masamori above the school and tries to reach him, but isn't used to using Kekkai as mid-air platforms and stumbles quite a bit. Masamori offers to come to him, but Yoshimori insists on doing it himself. Yoshimori announces his goal: to one day seal away the power of Karasumori.

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