Chapter 027: Resonance (Part 1)
Chap 27
Kanji 残響(前編)
Rōmaji Zankyō (Zenpen)
English Resonance (Part 1)
Other Information
Volume Volume 4
Release Date September 17, 2004
Episode Episode 7: The Best Cake in the World
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Tomonori Ichigaya; Hiromu Tabata; Masahiko Tsukijigaoka

Resonance (Part 1) ( 残響(前編) "Zankyō (Zenpen)" ) is the 27th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yoshimori works on a candy castle while the ghost of Masahiko Tsukijigaoka looks on. Yoshimori thanks him for all his advice, but reminds him that it's not good for his spirit to linger. Masahiko says he's been visiting the counseling office for a week now, and Yoshimori says he must have some regret keeping him there. Masahiko says that he actually enjoys being a ghost, since he can go anywhere and he likes to travel.

Yoshimori visits a sweet shop to study their cake designs, and is approached by Yumeko Hananokoji, who treats him to tea and cake. She mentions that the town is full of lost spirits, and says she is concerned about Masahiko. Yumeko reveals that Masahiko was the heir of his family's company, a major food producer. His parents died in an accident when he was young, leaving him and his little brother Toshihiko Tsukijigaoka to be raised by their uncle and aunt, who currently run the company. Yumeko suspects that Masahiko is unable to pass on because he's worried about his brother. Yumeko says the brother will be in the area tomorrow on a business trip, so it may be their best chance to correct the situation. Yoshimori says he'll be busy with school, but Yumeko suggests that he send a Shikigami in his place.

The next day, Yoshimori sends a Shikigami to school, and goes to meet Yumeko and her driver, dragging Masahiko against his will with a Nenshi. Yumeko plans to force Masahiko to confront his brother and admit his true feelings. They find Toshihiko meeting with executives, and follow him throughout the day, waiting for a chance to approach him while he is alone. As Toshihiko separates from his co-workers and drives away alone, Masahiko becomes increasingly anxious. Yoshimori says that he shouldn't be concerned, since his brother grew up to be a responsible man. Masahiko reveals that he is worried his brother holds a grudge against him: Masahiko's leaving the family to pursue his own dream left Toshihiko to shoulder the burden of taking over the company.

Surprisingly, Toshihiko drives to street where Masahiko died. Yoshimori takes this as a sign that Toshihiko doesn't resent Masahiko, and they begin to approach him.

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