Chapter 026: Black Devil
Chap 26
Kanji 黒い悪魔
Rōmaji Kuroi Akuma
English Black Devil
Other Information
Volume Volume 3
Release Date June 18, 2004
Episode Episode 10: Shikigami Chocolate Battle
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura

Black Devil ( 黒い悪魔 "Kuroi Akuma" ) is the 26th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


After taking a bath, Tokine walks into her kitchen and spots something tiny lurking in a corner, which freaks her out. She goes to the Sumimura Home to ask for help, but Yoshimori is the only one available. Tokine reluctantly accepts his offer to help with whatever her problem is. Yoshimori at first thinks she is describing an Ayakashi, but soon realizes that it is only a common cockroach. He follows Tokine home, where Tokiko is just as afraid of the cockroach as Tokine is. Tokine says her mother usually takes care of cockroaches, but she's away at a hot spring with a friend. Tokine leads Yoshimori to the kitchen and orders him to get started, but Yoshimori is distracted by the scent of Tokine's shampoo. The cockroach soon appears, but Tokine latches onto Yoshimori in fear, causing him to miss as he tries to catch it with a Kekkai. Tokine tells him to use some other method that won't be as messy.

Yoshimori decides to spread out a newspaper and catch the cockroach on it with a Kekkai, so that he can carry it outside. Yoshimori creates tiny Shikigami to draw out the cockroach and sends them around the kitchen. The cockroach emerges, but Tokine shoves Yoshimori in fear, causing him to fall on the cockroach. When he sits up, the cockroach falls off of his shirt, terrifying Tokine even more.

For three days afterward, Tokine refuses to speak to or come anywhere near Yoshimori. She finally approaches him at Karasumori and apologizes, giving him a brand new shirt before running away.

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