Chapter 025: Resealing
Chap 25
Kanji 再封印
Rōmaji Saifūin
English Resealing
Other Information
Volume Volume 3
Release Date June 18, 2004
Episode Episode 12: Sealing the Demon Dog
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura ; Madarao

Resealing (再封印 "Saifūin" ) is the 25th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Madarao begins to grow fierce, and Yoshimori realizes that as an Ayakashi, Karasumori's power may be driving him mad. He tries to throw a Nenshi around Madarao's neck, but Madarao dodges and tries to run. Yoshimori catches his leg with a Kekkai and leaps onto Madarao's back, looping a Nenshi around his neck and trying to thread the charm beads back onto it. Tokine notices a two missing beads and tosses the first to Yoshimori, but Madarao knocks her away with his tail. Tokine notices Madarao is howling as if in pain, and Hakubi says it does hurt, since it feels like your body is being split in two. He adds that it hurts even more since Yoshimori isn't used to using Nenshi.

Hakubi grows frustrated with Yoshimori's struggle, asks Tokine for a favor, and flies up to Yoshimori, giving him the last bead. Yoshimori admits he has no idea what he's doing, and Hakubi is amazed that he would remove the seal with so little knowledge of them. Hakubi explains that the seal is a burden, and Karasumori is both boosting and restraining Madarao's power at the same time, so the pain for him is maddening. Hakubi guides Yoshimori through reconnecting the Nenshi. Madarao begins to thrash wildly, and Tokine distracts him with a Kekkai, allowing Yoshimori to complete the seal. The excess power flies away, and Madarao is returned to his smaller spirit form, though is completely exhausted.

Shigemori and Tokiko arrive immediately after, and Shigemori yells at Yoshimori for removing Madarao's seal. Then he sees the damage to the school and becomes even more furious. The Kekkaishi and their Shikigami begin repairing all the damage, with everyone annoyed at Yoshimori for causing it.

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