Chapter 016: Cold Weather Cherry Blossoms (Part 2)
Kekkaishi-02 154-155
Kanji 寒桜(後編)
Rōmaji Kanzakura (Kōhen)
English Cold Weather Cherry Blossoms (Part 2)
Other Information
Volume Volume 2
Release Date April 17, 2004
Episode Episode 6: Night Blooms of Karasumori
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura ; Yoshimori Sumimura ; Yurina Kanda

Cold Weather Cherry Blossoms (Part 2) (寒桜(後編) "Kanzakura (Kōhen)" ) is the 16th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yurina Kanda remains in Yoshimori's Kekkai as he and Tokine prepare to face the incoming Ayakashi swarm. Tokine again warns Yoshimori that Yurina is his responsibility, as they are not supposed to involve normal people in their activities as Kekkaishi. Yoshimori is confident things will be fine, still under the mistaken impression that Yurina is unable to see supernatural occurrences. The Kekkaishi attack the swarm, with Yoshimori using his usual overly large Kekkai to destroy several Ayakashi at once, while Tokine prefers smaller, individual Kekkai for each Ayakashi. Yurina is shocked, both by the Ayakashi and the Kekkaishi's abilities. An Ayakashi suddenly approaches Yurina, startling her, but it is quickly eaten by Madarao, who notices Yurina's reaction but does nothing for the time being. Yoshimori notices Madarao eating smaller, drunken Ayakashi and tells him to stop, Tokine doing the same with Hakubi. Yoshimori grows impatient and surrounds all but the very top of the tree with a huge Kekkai. The remaining Ayakashi are drawn to the exposed top of the tree, where Yoshimori surrounds them with another large Kekkai and destroys them all at once.

Yurina becomes more afraid when she realizes that she is in one of the same "boxes" that the Kekkaishi used to destroy the Ayakashi, and fears she may be crushed next. Yoshimori dispels the Kekkai, unable to understand why Yurina freaks out at his approach. Tokine tries to calm her down, but Yurina is afraid of her as well. Madarao sniffs Yurina to confirm his suspicion: she has a sixth sense that allowed her to see everything. Yoshimori is shocked, and desperately apologizes to Yurina. He tries to explain things, and as he talks, Yurina realizes that he actually has a normal side, which she hadn't seen until then. Afterward, Yoshimori asks Yurina to keep what she saw a secret. Yurina agrees, saying no one would believe her. She asks if he hates his power, but Yoshimori says it's normal for him now. Yoshimori still has work to do, so he gives Yurina a Shikigami to see her home safely.

The cherry blossom tree is gone the following day, but Yurina wonders if that's normal for Karasumori. Kyoko and Ayano confront Yurina about the previous night. They apparently met with one of Yoshimori's Shikigami. Yurina decides to keep Yoshimori's secret, and is shown to still have the used Shikigami paper among her school things.

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