Chapter 014: That's All
Chap 14
Kanji ただそれだけ
Rōmaji Tadasoredake
English That's All
Other Information
Volume Volume 2
Release Date April 17, 2004
Episode Episode 5: The Sweet Ghost
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

That's All (ただそれだけ "Tadasoredake" ) is the 14th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Shuji Sumimura wakes up Yoshimori and asks him to help out. Yoshimori is still tired from dealing with Yoki, but Shuji says he can't do anything about it himself. As it turns out, Shigemori and Tokiko are fighting again, this time with Tokiko using a water hose to her advantage. Yoshimori is momentarily stunned by their energy despite their age, then interrupts and tells Shigemori to stop. Yoshimori tries to pull Shigemori away, but once Tokiko sprays him with the hose, he gets drawn into the fight as well.

Some time later, Shigemori and Yoshimori are drying off with towels, and Yoshimori asks about the Shadow Organization. Shigemori says they are a group of ability users that identify others and deal with any mysterious events, including Ayakashi. He also mentions that virtually every ability user is on the Shadow Organization's roster (whether they belong to the group or not), and that it gives ability users a place to use their powers. However, Shigemori stresses that there is no relationship between them and Yoshimori, because the group is primarily for ability users who will not inherit their family titles.

As Yoshimori leaves for school, he finds Toshimori putting dog food in Madarao's bowl. Yoshimori says there's no point, since Madarao doesn't eat regular food, but Toshimori insists that they need to take good care of Madarao, since he was Tokimori Hazama's dog. Toshimori suggests that Ayakashi can feed off of good intentions, though Yoshimori is reminded of the deer meat he still owes Madarao. Yoshimori wonders if Madarao will be okay since Yoki ate him, but recalls that the last time an Ayakashi ate Madarao, he revived completely unharmed.

On the way to school, Yoshimori spots Tokine and asks her about the Shadow Organization, and she seems surprised that he knows so little about it. Yoshimori admits he doesn't understand many things around him, especially Karasumori. Tokine isn't interested in discussing it, and simply says Karasumori is more frightening than it appears. However, Yoshimori says that he's never thought of it as a frightening place.

At school, Yoshimori's friend Hiromu Tabata comments on the chilly season that has just begun. Yoshimori is confused, since it's still autumn, and Hiromu adds that it's the third time this year. Yoshimori is still confused, and Hiromu guesses he hasn't seen what's behind the school. He leads Yoshimori to a window, where he can see an off-season cherry blossom tree in bloom. Yoshimori inwardly admits that the only thing that scares him is that someone important to him could be hurt in Karasumori.

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