Chapter 013: Shadow Organization
Chap 13
Kanji 裏会
Rōmaji Urakai
English Shadow Organization
Other Information
Volume Volume 2
Release Date April 17, 2004
Episode Episode 4: Her Treasure
Cover Characters Tokiko Yukimura ; Shigemori Sumimura ; Odo ; Hakudo

Shadow Organization (裏会 "Urakai" ) is the 13th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Yomi Kasuga watches in shock as Yoki is split in two. Hakudo introduces himself and his partner as being from the Night Troop, the Shadow Organization's action unit, and says they are under orders to arrest Yomi, who has defected. Yoki begins to regenerate, so Hakudo throws two more Moon Blades at him. Yomi begs him to stop and breaks down as memories of the old Yoki flash before her eyes. Odo produces a giant fireball and launches it at Yoki, resulting in an enormous explosion. Tokine, Tokiko, and Shigemori contain and collect the burning remains with Tenketsu. Yoshimori spots something in the debris and grabs it. Yomi sobs, heartbroken that Yoki has been destroyed, and apologizes to him. Hakudo assures the Kekkaishi that Yomi will be punished for the trouble she caused. He warns that his superiors may pay a visit later, but Tokiko warns him that the Kekkaishi will allow no one to disgrace Karasumori. Before Yomi is taken away, Yoshimori gives her a portion of Yoki's horn that he managed to save, and Yomi recalls how happy Yoki used to make her. Suddenly, the horn splits open, and a tiny Yoki emerges. Yoshimori notes that Yoki won't get any bigger or have any power, but Yomi is just thankful that he survived. Yomi admits that she hated Tokine's father, but only because he reminded her of herself: though weak, they both fought desperately to protect something precious to them. Tokine says she is thankful that her father fought on her behalf. As thanks, Yomi tells Tokine where to find the shakujo that she stole earlier. Tokine thanks Yoshimori for helping out, which makes him happy. The Kekkaishi begin to clean up the damage to Karasumori together.

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