Chapter 012: Yoshimori vs. Yoki
Chap 12
Kanji 良守vsヨキ
Rōmaji Yoshimori baasasu Yoki
English Yoshimori Vs. Yoki
Other Information
Volume Volume 2
Release Date April 17, 2004
Episode Episode 4: Her Treasure
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura ; Yoshimori Sumimura ; Yoki ; Yomi Kasuga

Yoshimori Vs. Yoki (良守vsヨキ "Yoshimori baasasu Yoki" ) is the 12th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


Tokiko Yukimura rushes to Karasumori with Hakudo and Odo, two members of the Shadow Organization. They meet Shigemori Sumimura along the way, and all four head to Karasumori.

Meanwhile, Yoshimori prepares to face Yoki in combat again, but Yomi Kasuga tries to hold him back, telling him not to get in Yoki's way. Yoshimori says he can't leave things as they are, but promises not to kill Yoki, since he is important to Yomi. Yomi is stunned by his kindness, and quickly claims she doesn't need sympathy. Tokine, however, reveals she doesn't feel sorry for Yomi, and thinks it would be better to destroy Yoki, but assures her that Yoshimori will keep his word.

Yoshimori tries to surround Yoki with a Kekkai, but Yoki's evolution has made his body more compact and greatly increased his speed, allowing him to dodge the Kekkai easily. Yoki is amazed by his new body's abilities and begins to run wild, attacking the school grounds. Yoki confronts Yoshimori, pleased that Karasumori has even provided him with a worthy opponent. Yoki attacks, and Yoshimori defends himself with a Kekkai. Yomi tells Yoki to use the boulder she placed paper charms on, which nullify Kekkai. The rock shatters the Kekkai, and Yoshimori barely dodges it. Yoki comments that only weaklings use such shortcuts, and Yomi decides that Yoki no longer needs her help. Yoshimori dares Yoki to break a Kekkai with his own power, and Yoki begins to pummel it. Yoshimori surrounds Yoki's body with a Kekkai, leaving only his head exposed. Yoki tries to break free, and begins transforming as he draws on more of Karasumori's power. Suddenly, Yoki's left arm falls off, and Tokine realizes that evolving too rapidly has pushed his body to its limits. Yoki is suddenly sliced in half by Hakudo's Moon Blade: Hakudo, Odo, Tokiko, and Shigemori have arrived.

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