Chapter 011: Promise
Chap 11
Kanji 誓い
Rōmaji Chikai
English Promise
Other Information
Volume Volume 2
Release Date April 17, 2004
Episode Episode 4: Her Treasure
Cover Characters Yoki ; Yomi Kasuga

Promise (誓い "Chikai" ) is the 11th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


The chapter beings with a flashback to Yomi Kasuga's childhood: she gives Yoki his name, and though he has no self-confidence, she believes in him and chooses to give him her contract ring, which makes him happy. Back in the present, Yomi can't believe that Yoshimori was able to fight off the effects of the drug she gave him. Yoshimori orders Yomi to apologize to Tokine and then leave with Yoki. Instead, Yoki attacks with his tail, and Yoshimori takes cover behind a tree. Tokine uses the distraction to escape and reunite with Yoshimori. Tokine realizes she's used up too much strength, and must depend on Yoshimori. She tells him that while Yoki's tail is fast, his body is slow. Yoshimori is to attack Yoki, while Tokine handles Yomi. Yoki regenerates his damaged leg in seconds, and Yomi is amazed at how much Karasumori has boosted his power.

Yoshimori re-emerges to challenge Yoki, dodging his tail's attacks and destroying his hand. Yoki regenerates his hand at once, so Yoshimori destroys Yoki's feet, causing him to topple backward. Yomi falls off of Yoki's shoulder and into a tree, where Tokine grabs her and holds her hostage with a kunai. Tokine orders Yomi to command Yoki to leave. However, Yoki quickly finds them and takes Yomi back. Yomi reveals that she doesn't need works to communicate with Yoki, due to the ring that strengthens their bond. Yoshimori again orders them to leave, but Yomi refuses because her bond with Yoki has made her realize how much the insults from others have hurt both him and her. Yomi's determination to seize Karasumori triggers a change in Yoki, and he grows a multiple tails. Yoshimori is stunned as Yoki begins to rapidly evolve, decreasing his body's size while increasing his strength and speed. Yoki suddenly decides that he no longer needs Yomi, shatters their contract ring, and tosses her away. Yoshimori catches her before she can hit the ground, and warns Yomi that her voice can no longer reach Yoki. Yomi can only watch helplessly as Yoki continues to grow stronger.

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