Chapter 007: Flower of Passion
Chap 7
Kanji 情熱の花
Rōmaji Jōnetsu no Hana
English Flower of Passion
Other Information
Volume Volume 1
Release Date February 18, 2004
Episode Episode 10: Shikigami Chocolate Battle
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura ; Pâtissier Ghost

Flower of Passion (情熱の花 "Jōnetsu no Hana" ) is the seventh chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


At the Sumimura Home, the pâtissier ghost congratulates Yoshimori on the completion of his latest candy castle. Yoshimori wants to improve, but worries he won't be able to. The ghost worries that Yoshimori might lose his passion for his dream, and plans to have Yoshimori try a cake that once re-inspired his own passion. Shigemori bursts in, causing the cake to fall on him.

The next afternoon, Yoshimori and the ghost visit a shop that sells a special chocolate cake. Unfortunately, the cake is in short supply, and tickets to obtain it are handed out early in the morning, while Yoshimori is still on-duty. Yoshimori decides to leave a Shikigami to hold his place in line. The first attempt is a flawed, chubby clone, but the second attempt produces a handsome, muscular, long-haired man.

That night, Yoshimori and Madarao pursue Kemari, a small, hairball Ayakashi that moves swiftly. Tokine criticizes him for being unable to catch Kemari, but wonders why Yoshimori seems strangely tired. At the cake shop, the ghost watches as three gangsters scare off the other customers. The handsome Shikigami stands up to them, and they beat him up. As Yoshimori finally catches Kemari with a large Kekkai, he senses the Shikigami's situation, but remains confident in the Shikigami's special attack. The Shikigami defeats the gangsters with a spin kick and obtains the cake. Yoshimori passes out from exhaustion, but when he hurries home from school to try the cake, his father reveals that Shigemori has already eaten it.

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Volume 1
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