Chapter 005: Nutrients
Chap 5
Kanji 養分
Rōmaji Yōbun
English Nutrients
Other Information
Volume Volume 1
Release Date February 18, 2004
Episode Episode 2: Yoshimori and Tokine
Episode 9: A Dangerous Teacher
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura ; Yoshimori Sumimura

Nutrients ( 養分 "Yōbun" ) is the fifth chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


On the way to school, Tokine gets angry at Yoshimori for following her. She tries leaping over rooftops, but Yoshimori does the same. Tokine finally tells Yoshimori that he gives her the creeps, which shocks him. Hiromu Tabata happens to see the end of this conversation.

Yoshimori is depressed throughout the day from Tokine's comment. Hiromu and Tomonori Ichigaya try to guess what might be wrong with him. Hiromu asks if Yoshimori knows Tokine since he saw them together. Yoshimori confirms that they're neighbors, and Hiromu immediately tries to get more information on Tokine for his data book. When he starts asking about Tokine's family, Yoshimori loses his patience and walks away.

Yoshimori spots Tokine talking to a handsome teacher and grows jealous. He tries to trip the teacher by placing a kekkai in his path, but to Yoshimori's shock, a mysterious force destroys the Kekkai, and the teacher seems to sense Yoshimori's presence. Yoshimori immediately tracks down Hiromu and asks him for any info he has on the teacher. Meanwhile, the teacher runs into a group of high school boys that threaten him. The teacher is identified as Tatsumi Mino. The boys are angry at Mino for getting close to the girls, but he seems unconcerned. The same mysterious force emerges from his body, and Yoshimori senses it at once. Mino is disappointed that he was unable to gain nourishment from humans, and the boys are all shown out cold at his feet.

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Volume 1
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