Chapter 002: Scars
Chap 2
Rōmaji Kizu
English Scars
Other Information
Volume Volume 1
Release Date February 18, 2004
Episode Episode 2: Yoshimori and Tokine
Cover Characters Tokine Yukimura ; Yoshimori Sumimura

Scars ( 傷 "Kizu" ) is the second chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe


The chapter begins at Karasumori Academy, labeling the school's various sections (including a low intensity anti-Ayakashi barrier). Yoshimori and Madarao are chasing down a weak Ayakashi, but Tokine catches it first, and Yoshimori runs headlong into the Kekkai. Yoshimori sleeps in the next morning, using a Kekkai around his bed customized to prevent only his grandfather from entering and waking him up. Shigemori scolds Yoshimori at breakfast for wasting his talent, but Yoshimori replies that he's only interested in getting stronger. Shigemori demands to know if Yoshimori "defeated" Tokine (caught the Ayakashi before her), and Yoshimori says it doesn't matter (in other words, he lost).

Yoshimori leaves for school in a bad mood, and runs into Tokine as she leaves home. Yoshimori's mood quickly clears up, but Tokine is confrontational with him instead, expecting him to hold a grudge over his defeat from the previous night. She gets annoyed when he follows her, though Yoshimori points out they go to the same school. Tokine tells him not to talk to her at school, blinds him with sunlight from her pocket mirror, and heads to school while he's cringing. At school, Yoshimori gets hassled by his teacher Mr. Kurosu for falling asleep in class. Tokine excels in her own class, answering a difficult question with ease.

Back at the Sumimura Home that night, Yoshimori and Shigemori fight over food until they sense a breach in the school's barrier. Yoshimori (after luring Madarao out with a promise of deer meat with the soul still attached) hurries to school, but Tokine and Hakubi are already there tracking the disturbance. Tokine teases Yoshimori about needing a handicap to win, then throws down a smoke bomb and leaves while Yoshimori is blinded. Yoshimori spots the Ayakashi (Tsuchigama) first, but it fires a volley of earth bullets at his defensive Kekkai and escapes. Tokine rushes past and encounters Tsuchigama next, but has trouble bracing her Kekkai against the Ayakashi's growing attack power. Yoshimori arrives and draws Tsuchigama's fire away from Tokine, who in turn protects him with a Kekkai so he can destroy the Ayakashi. Tokine, annoyed with his recklessness, leaves him to clean up the site. Yoshimori uses numerous Shikigami to repair the grounds (and himself, as he received several bruises during the battle). Yoshimori makes Madarao promise not to tell Tokine that he got hurt. Shortly after, a Yukimura Shikigami bird drops a package on Yoshimori's head. It turns out to be medicine for healing Ayakashi damage, from Tokine.

Characters (in order of appearance)

Minor Ayakashi

  • Quad-wing


Volume 1
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