Chapter: Oneshot
Kanji 読切版
Rōmaji Yomikiri-ban
Other Information
Release Date December 16, 2006
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Madarao


Shigemori tries to wake up Yoshimori, but is prevented from getting close enough by a Kekkai around Yoshimori's bed. Toshimori is able to pass through the Kekkai and wake up Yoshimori, after which Shuji calls everyone for breakfast. Shigemori is pleased with the meal, but quickly loses his temper when Yoshimori uses a small Kekkai around the food to keep him from getting more.

As Yoshimori and Toshimori prepare to leave for school, Toshimori puts food in Madarao's dish. Yoshimori tells him not to: the neighbors are becoming suspicious, since they never actually hear a dog barking, or see anyone walking a dog. Hana Nishino, one of Toshimori's friends, comes to get him for school, but is more excited to see Yoshimori, since they both share a dream of making a candy castle. When she asks about it, Yoshimori says he plans to get certain berries to make his next candy house.

Yoshimori falls asleep at school as usual, and begins work on his candy house once he gets home. Shigemori interrupts him, demanding that he stop and train. Shuji interrupts them and says that Hana is missing. Yoshimori realizes that she must be looking for the berries to help with his candy house. Yoshimori senses an Ayakashi and rushes to Karasumori with Madarao.

At Karasumori, Hana finds the berries, but then encounters an Ayakashi. Yoshimori and Madarao soon arrive, and are alarmed to find Hana's basket of berries lying on the ground. An earth Ayakashi rises from the ground, and Yoshimori defeats it while Madarao looks for Hana. Yoshimori finds Hana and carries her home. Thanks to the berries Hana found, Yoshimori is able to complete his candy house with her help. They begin to celebrate, but Shigemori bursts in, and another fight begins.

Plot Changes

  • The family name of Sumimura is changed to Tanaka (田中).
  • Yoshimori is in high school. As a result, his hair is also notably longer, blocking one of his eyes at several points, and his face is more mature.
  • Madarao does not wear a collar.

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